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Dog Boarding

Doggy sleep over! Going out of
town and can't take your pooch with you? We have the perfect solution! Dog boarding in your sitter's home! We'll keep your doggy's routine just the same so there's no disruption in their schedule. We'll take one more worry off planning your next night away from home!
Overnight.... $40 & Up
Dog boarding includes three walks, feedings, and cuddle love for
all our pups! It'll feel like
a home away from! 
Drop in Visits
Are you unable to check on your beloved furry one while away at work, on vacay, or just lost track of time and can't get back home quick enough? 
Let us check on your pal
while you're away! 
30 Minutes.... $20 & Up
60 Minutes.... $30 & Up
Each Add. Pet $10
We'll play, feed, let out back,
and/ or go for a brisk walk around the block if you need us too! 
Whatever you need we've got
you & your pet's back!
Drop In Visits
Cat Boarding

Having some work done on your house and afraid of what to do with your cat? Maybe your kitty(s) need constant care and boarding may be the best option while you're away? We offer care in our sitter's home for your pal(s)! We even take care of the new borns!

Overnight.... $25 & Up


Cat boarding includes regular feedings, cuddles (if allowed), & taking care of the litter!  

Cat Boarding

Doggy Day Care

Long day at the office and you know your dog needs to burn some of that energy so everyone is tired when you get home?
Dog interaction is a also a good way for the younger dogs to gain their socialization skills. Let your fuzzy ones spend the day with us!

8 Hours.... $25 & Up
12 Hours.... $30 & Up

At doggy daycare we'll go for an afternoon walk with our pals, eat, and have a doggy good time!

*currently this service is
for dog-friendly pups only*
Small Pet Visits
We do visits for our clawed friends too! From reptiles, birds, and other small animals we check on all our pet pals! Everyone needs a little love!  
30 Minutes.... $20 & Up
60 Minutes.... $30 & Up
Visits include feeding, playtime, & cuddles!
Small Pet Visits
Dog Walking
Walks are our favorite and we know it's your pets too! Who doesn't enjoy some fresh air? Plus it's a good way to give your furry one some well deserved exercise. 

30 Minutes.... $20 & Up
60 Minutes.... $30 & Up
Each Add. Pet $10

All our walks are private so your pet gets the one on one attention they need and love. 
Dog Walking


We use all organic and natural pet cleaning products that smell amazing! These services can be add ons to our featured services or we can make a separate booking for just your grooming needs!

Grooming Prices

*Please let us know if your pet has sensitivities, allergies, or any other medical problems before the requested service begins.
Prices are dependant on pet's size, duration of visit, and requested services.

House Sitting

Busy time at work and can't pick the pooch up from daycare or is it time to see the vet but cars in the shop? Perhaps you just need a break from driving everyone around. We're here to help! 


1-10Miles.... $10-$35

Pick Up & Drop Offs from your requested destination!
*Up to a 10 mile range*

*All Services Include Daily Photos. Photos will be Sent After Each Visit & Please

Allow us 24 Hours to Send Pictures for All Services (i.e. Dog Boarding & House Sitting)

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