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Our Hours


House Sitting

Need someone to watch your pet and your house? Perhaps your pet feels some anxiety away from home. Let us be the stand in for when you need some time away from home. Let's face it,
everyone needs a break!
Overnight.... $50 & Up
House sitting includes three walks, feedings, and cuddle love for
all our pups! Let us come to you so you have one less thing to worry about while planning your
next trip!

Office Hours

Monday: 9am- 5pm

Tuesday: 9am- 5pm

Wednesday: 9am- 5pm

Thursday: 9am- 5pm

Friday: 11am- 4pm

Saturday: : Closed

Sunday: Closed

Service Hours

(Dog Walking, Drop In Visits,

& Other Services)

Monday: 8am- 10pm

Tuesday: 8am- 10pm

Wednesday: 8am- 10pm

Thursday: 8am- 10pm

Friday: 8am- 9pm

Saturday: 8am- 9pm

Sunday: 8am- 9pm

Drop Off & Pick Up

(Boarding, Day Care, 

House Sitting & Taxi)

Monday: 8am- 8pm

Tuesday: 8am- 8pm

Wednesday: 8am- 8pm

Thursday: 8am- 8pm

Friday: 8am- 8pm

Saturday: 8am- 8pm

Sunday: 8am- 8pm

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