Office Hours

Monday: 9am- 5pm

Tuesday: 9am- 5pm

Wednesday: 9am- 5pm

Thursday: 9am- 5pm

Friday: 11am- 4pm

Saturday: : Closed

Sunday: Closed

Service Hours

(Dog Walking, Drop In Visits,

& Other Services)

Monday: 8am- 10pm

Tuesday: 8am- 10pm

Wednesday: 8am- 10pm

Thursday: 8am- 10pm

Friday: 8am- 9pm

Saturday: 8am- 9pm

Sunday: 8am- 9pm

Drop Off & Pick Up

(Boarding, Day Care, 

House Sitting & Taxi)

Monday: 8am- 8pm

Tuesday: 8am- 8pm

Wednesday: 8am- 8pm

Thursday: 8am- 8pm

Friday: 8am- 8pm

Saturday: 8am- 8pm

Sunday: 8am- 8pm

When Our Office is Closed Please

E-Mail Us At and We'll Get Back to you ASAP!