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  • Are You Insured & Bonded?
    Yes! We Have Specialized Insurance & Bonding through "The Pet Sitter's Associates LLC" for all Our Services.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We are Primarily Located in North West Philadelphia. We Service All Our Surrounding Neighborhoods of West Central Germantown, Mt. Airy, Manayunk, Roxborough, East Falls, Chestnut Hill, & Other Nearby Neighborhoods. For Our Day Care and Boarding Services Our Pets Are Cared for in Our Sitter's Primary Residence. For the Safety of Our Team Members We Do Not Give Out Any of Our Sitter's Addresses Until a Service is Booked & Paid For.
  • What Are Your Hours of Operation?
    We Provide All Of Our Services Seven (7) Days a Week & All Year Around. Please Ask Management or Check the Highlighted Time Blocks in the Portal for Availability. Each Service has its own Availability (This is Based on Demand, Sitter Availability, & Other Factors). During Your Pets Stay with Us Please Communicate With Us Using the Online Portal or E-mail ( We Are Always Checking Our Communication Browsers However Please Allow Us Up to 48 Business Hours to Respond. Emergency Services Are Only Offered to Existing Clients & For Pets Currently Scheduled Under Our Care. Office Hours: Monday: 9am to 5pm Tuesday: 9am to 5pm Wednesday: 9am to 5pm Thursday: 9am to 5pm Friday: 11am to 4pm Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Major Holidays: Closed Scheduled Drop Off & Pick Up (Day Care & Boarding Only): Monday: 8am to 7pm Tuesday: 8am to 7pm Wednesday: 8am to 7pm Thursday: 8am to 7pm Friday: 8am to 7pm Saturday: 8am to 5pm Sunday: 8am to 5pm Major Holidays: 8am to 5pm Drop In Visits & Dog Walking Hours: Monday: 7am to 10pm Tuesday: 7am to 10pm Wednesday: 7am to 10pm Thursday: 7am to 10pm Friday: 7am to 10pm Saturday: 7am to 10pm Sunday: 7am to 10pm *Please be advised Walks, Visits, & Other Services are available in 2-3 hour scheduled time blocks. Please allow us enough time to complete our visits as different factors may play a roll in not being able to be available at your requested time. We will try and accommodate your preferred time but we have scheduled time blocks that you may choose within our portal! Not all time blocks are available each day so please check the portal for availability. House Sitting Hours: Monday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Tuesday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Wednesday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Thursday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Friday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Saturday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm Sunday: 5pm to 8pm - 5am to 8pm *For our house sitting services we arrive between the above times and stay for 12 hours overnight. The service comes with one afternoon check in the following day. For additional check ins or services there is an additional fee. Grooming Please Ask Our Office for Our Grooming Availbility.
  • Are Your Sitters Background Checked, CPR, & First Aid Certified?
    They Are! When Our Sitters Are A Prospective Hire They Are Background Checked, Screened with Previous Employers/ Professional References, Interviewed Twice, & Then Trained for Approximately 3 Weeks. The Sitter's Training is Not Complete Until They Meet all Necessary Requirements and Management Signs Off. Once Our Sitter's Are Trained They Are Sent Out In the Field to Care for Our PP&C Fam! After Our Sitters Spend 6 Months with Us They Are Required to Complete A CPR & First Aid Course to Better Enhance Their Pet Care Skills in The Unlikely Event of An Emergency. Attendance to Our Bi-Annual Classes with a Dog Behavior Specialist is Required with Our Staff. Where They Learn a Dog's Body Language, Common Communication Signs, & Basic Training Skills. If a Medical Emergency Arises, We Will Contact you, or Your Emergency Contact & Take Your Pet to the Nearest Emergency Vet. Please Note, if We Cannot Get Ahold of You or Your Emergency Contact We Will Use Our Best Judgement and Use the Veterinarians Recommendation to Care for Your Pet.
  • How Do I Schedule Services?
    If you Haven't Created an Account Already You Can by Clicking this Link! Once you Fill Out the Form Please Check Your Email to Finish Setting up Your Account. Before Booking, Things like Having a Credit Card on File, Uploading Your Pet's Vaccine Records, etc are Required to be Completed. All Services Except for Grooming Require a Meet and Greet before Scheduling Your First Service. If you are a Returning Client Please Click this Link to Bring You to Your Account! If you Need Help Accessing Your Account Please let us Know by Sending us an Email at ( We Will Respond to You within 48 Business Hours.
  • What is Your Cancellation Policy?
    Boarding & House Sitting: If you need to cancel one or more of these services please give us a Three Business Days notice so there is no cancellation fee. If notice is given less than three business days please be advised there is a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total cost of the stay, up to one week. If cancellation is made the same day a 100% cancellation fee will apply, up to one week. For one night stays a two night minimum charge will apply. These fees are non-negotiable. ​ Grooming: If you need to cancel your grooming appointment please give us a by end of business the previous business day of cancellation. If notice is given after our office is closed or if an appointment is missed a 75% cancellation fee will apply for each pet (this amount is dependent on package and dog size selected when the original appointment was scheduled). If you need to reschedule there is no fee but notice must be given within 12 hours of an appointment. If the second appointment is missed, rescheduled, or canceled a 75% cancellation fee will be applied (this amount is dependent on package and dog size selected when the original appointment was scheduled). ​ Dog Walking, Drop-In Visits, Day Care, Taxi, & All Day Services: If you need to cancel one or more of these services please give us notice by the end of business the previous day before the visit begins. If notice is given after the previous business day the full fee Packages: All package sales are final. Any packages sales that are not used to their entirety or any unused services will not be refunded. All packages must be used within 45 days after purchase.of the service applies. ​ Packages: All package sales are final. Any packages sales that are not used to their entirety or any unused services will not be refunded. All packages must be used within 30 days after purchase. *Please be advised for cancellations of services that have already begun there is no refund. We have reserved an allotted time for your pet(s) care and cannot issue a refund. Please View a List of Our Most Current Policies Here
  • What Do I Need to Know About Our Meet & Greet?
    We take a look at everything we will be responsible for. Our sitters go through a checklist that includes items such as: Food & Water Dish Location Extra Food Location Meal Prep Instructions Medical Concerns & Medication Instructions Favorite Toys Where to Put Scooped Litter / Poop Bags Plant Watering Instructions Mailbox Instructions Setting up your Lockbox, Smart Lock Code, or Obtaining Two Copies of Your House Keys. Going Over Your Pet’s Usual Routine Any Other Details Concerning your Visits “Setting up The Door” For Dogs – We also “set up the door” in a way that simulates how your dog will react when we come to your house while you’re away. It’s really easy- we’ll all go outside for a couple of minutes, then your sitter(s) will go inside to meet the dogs by themselves. As long as your dog reacts well and lets us get near them/pet them/put a leash on, we know we are good-to-go for your visits!
  • Am I Given a Dedicated Pet Sitter or Dog Walker?
    We Work as a Team and Do Not Assign a Specific Walker or Pet Sitter to Each Pet. You are Hiring the Company and Not an Individual. All of Our Sitters are Experienced, Vetted, Background Checked, and Provide the Same Level of Care. For All Our Services We Prefer to Keep the Same Sitter When Possible. However the Sitter May Experience an Emergency, Already be Booked, Has the Day Off, etc. There are Different Pets to See Every Single Day. Our Team's Schedule is Developed Based on Our Client's Needs, Requested Time Blocks, Visit Locations, etc.
  • Do You Accept All Dogs & Pets?
    We Offer Services to All Our Furry, Scaly, & Bald Animal Friends Who Live in Your Homes! We Also Accept All Breeds and Species. However, We Currently Do Not Offer Services for Larger Animals Such as Horses, Cows, Goats, & Other Farm Animals. Our Priority is Safety! We Are Unable to Care for Any Animals Who Are Extremely Food Aggressive, Are Not Caught Up On Required Vaccines, or Have a History of Biting, Fighting or Attacking Other Animals or People.
  • Do I Get Updates On My Pet?
    When You Book a Stay or Visit with Us We Provide a Daily Update with Photos! For Our Overnight & Day Care Services we Do Send a Couple Pictures Every 24 Hour Period. For Other Services Such as Walks/Visits We Provide an Update After each Visit. f you'd Like Further Updates Please Just Send us a Message and We'll Get Back to You as Soon as We're Able. Rest Assured, Your Pet is in the Best Possible Hands! Your Pet's Report Card Will Tell You if Your Pet Has Used the Bathroom, Eaten, Gone for a Walk, & Any Other Pertinent Information!
  • Can You Administer My Pets Required Medication(s)?
    Yes We Can! If your pet needs to take oral daily, weekly, or monthly medication during their stay with us please fill out the required forms so our pet care team has the authority to administer your pet's medication properly. A surcharge may apply for us to administer medication during their stay with us. We currently are unable to provide injectable medications. *At This Time We Do Not Administer Injectable Medications
  • Can I Book a Single Night Service?
    For overnight services we encourage a two night minimum but do offer one night for an additional price.
  • Can I Book Services the Day Of?
    Service requests made the same-day or after office hours notice are subject to a $10 surcharge for pet care and $25 for overnight night care with the already agreed upon service pricing for existing clients.
  • What is PP&C's Key Policy?
    For all our dog walking and pet sitting clients, there is a two (2) key requirement or you may use a lockbox. If you are in need of a lockbox we offer lockboxes for a one time fee of $25 and the box it is yours to keep! If you choose to allow us to hold onto your key(s), one will be given to your trusted sitter for the requested services while we keep a spare set of key(s) locked away at the office in the event of an emergency. While keys are not in use both copies will be in our lockbox. We will pick up the keys during our primary meet and greet. If you cannot provide us with two sets of keys then we will charge a $10 fee to pick up the key(s) and arrange a pickup time or you may arrange a time with us to drop off the key(s) to an agreed-upon location.
  • What is Your "Dog Walker’s Inclement Weather" Policy?
    We are Like the Mailman, Rain or Shine! With Some Extreme Weather Conditions such as Tornadoes, Snow Storms, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, etc We May be Delayed in Getting to Your Loved One. Best Rest Assured, We Will Communicate with You Every Step of the Way & Get to Your Fur Baby as Soon as Possible!
  • How Much Time Do you Guarantee on the Walk?
    We Offer a Variety of Walking Times between Selected Time Frames. For Our Private Walks We Currently Offer, 15 Minute or 30 Minutes. For Our Social Walks They Can Approximately 45 Minutes.
  • What Size Dogs Do you Social Walk Together?
    For Our Social Walk Services, We Walk All Sizes & Breeds. Your Pet Must be Good with Others, Have No Bite History, Caught up with All Required Vaccines, & Must Walk Well On a Leash.
  • Does the Sitter Walk Alone?
    We're Never Alone When We're with our Pals but We are the Only Human in the Pack!
  • How Many Dogs Can the Sitter Walk at Once?
    We Offer Individual Walks, or Social Walks with Up to Six Dogs. This is Dependent on the Skill Level of Our Sitters and It Does Not Exceed Their Comfort or Control Level.
  • What Vaccines are Required?
    For the safety of your pet and others, all pets must be vaccinated and have tick/ flea prevention. Proof of vaccines records can be uploaded and maintained through your portal account. If pets are not up to date on required vaccinations and prevention we will be unable to accept your request. Proof of vaccines and boosters are required and must be administered by a licensed veterinarian (self-administered shots are not acceptable). You can contact your veterinarian for your pet's vaccine certifications and they can forward it to our email. Please speak to your preferred veterinarian for more information regarding your pets care and risks. If you have a pet other than a dog or cat please check with your veterinarian for proper preventative care. ​ Required Vaccines for Dogs: Rabies DHPP Bordetella Bronchiseptica ​ Required Vaccines for Cats: ​ Rabies​
  • Does My Dog Have to be Spayed or Neutered?
    For Our Social Services we Require all Our Pups to be Spayed or Neutered. For Private Services Such as House Sitting or Solo Walks Your Pup Does Not Have to Be. If Your Pup is Nine Month or Younger we Do Not Require Them to be Fixed. We Do Have Some Exemptions for Pet's Who Could be at Risk for Getting Spayed or Neutered or are Considered Show Dogs. However, This Will Require Further Evaluation by Our Management Team, a Spray/Neuter Release Form, & a Signed Note From Your Veterinarian or Proof of Certification of Being a Show Dog (if Applicable).
  • Do You Have Extended Hours? (Applicable to Only Boarding & Day Care)
    Absolutely, We Want What is Best for Your Dog, and That is to be Home with Their Family! Simply Make Arrangements with Us & We'll Make Sure Your Our Staff is Ready to Accommodate Your Request. We Only Allow Early or Late Drop Off/Pick Ups 30 Minutes Prior to Opening or After Closing. However, There is a $15 Surcharge for Being Outside of our Boarding & Day Care Hours. For the Convenience of Our Client's we Also Offer a Pet Taxi Service. (The Additional Charge for this Service Varies on Pick Up/Drop Off Location). If Your Pet Isn't Picked Up After Our Extended Hours then We Will Charge An Overnight Fee Additional to your Already Booked Service. We Require All Our Pick Up & Drop Offs to be Scheduled to Make Sure We Can Accommodate Our Whole Fur Family! If You're Not Sure What the Best Option for Your Travel Plans Are, Please Reach Out to Our Management Team!
  • Can My Dog Get Kennel Cough or Any Other Illness at Daycare?
    All Dogs Coming Our Facility Are Required to be Up-to-Date on Their Vaccines. However, Dog Day Cares Can be Much Like a Childs Day Care. Even Though Dogs are Vaccinated, They Can Still Catch Colds & Other Communicable Viruses. We Ask Any Dog That is Experiencing Kennel Cough Like Symptoms or Other Signs of Transmittable Viruses to Please Stay Home Until You Pet is Checked by a Licensed Veterinarian or is Feeling Like Themselves Again.
  • Is there Pet Socialization During Boarding / Day Care?
    Yes, as long as your pet is dog friendly, and does not have a bite history with another animal or human they will be socialized.
  • How Should I Pack my Pet's Food?
    Please Pack Your Pet's Food in a Container with Clear Labeled Instructions Written on the Dispenser and You Pet's Name or Pack Individual Portioned Food in a Zip-Lock Baggie for Each Meal with Their Name. Their Feeding Instructions Should Include: What Time of Day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) They Eat, If They East Their Food with Any Medications or Supplements, How Many Cups of Food to Give Them Each Meal, If Their Food Should be Refrigerated, and/or if Their Food Should be Mixed with Any Wet or Hard Foods. The More Details the Better! We Ask Our Fur Family to Pack Extra Food in Case of Any Travel Delays as Oftentimes, Pet Can Develop a Loose Stool and Even Diarrhea From the Sudden Diet Change. If Your Pet Runs Out of Food We Will Notify You and Use Pet Food We Have on Site. We Do Not Carry Any Specific Brand. Please Let us Know if Your Pet has Any Food Allergies or Sensitivities. The Fewer Changes Your Pet Has to Make, the Less Stressful & Easier it is for Them While You're Away! If Enough Food isn't Packed, There is a $2.00 Fee Per Meal Per Meal Provided.
  • What Should I Bring When My Pet Stays with PP&C?
    We Only Require Pet Parents to Bring Along Their Pet's Food, Medication or Daily Supplements if Applicable, An Updated Copy of Vaccine Records if Our Records Are Out of Date, and Your Pet's Leash/ Collar/ or Harness (tags must be visable on all our outside curiously adventurous friends. This is also required for are at home visits & dog walks). Please Feel Free to Bring Along Anything That Will Make Your Pet Feel the Most at Home (i.e. favorite toy, blanket, etc). We do Caution Brining Anything that Could Potentially Get Chewed, Excessively Hairy, or Drooled on. For this Reason The PP&C Team Does Provide All The Necessities Such As Food Bowls, Beds, Blankets, Water, & of Course TOYS!!! For Our Kitty Friends Staying in Our Sitter's Homes we Do Required Their Litter Box, Extra Litter, Litter. Scooper, Food, Medication/Supplements, & Dishes. Toys, Scratching Post, Beds, etc are Optional.
  • My Dog Can Be Selective With Other Animals. Do You Accept Only One Dog At a Time for Boarding?
    The Short Answer is, Yes! However, We Require Pet Owners to Give Us Well in Advance Notice of Pet Care for Dogs Who Prefer to be Solo so We Can Pair You With the Right Sitter, Do Not Book More Than One Dog At a Time with One of Our Sitters, & Can Ensure Availability. For Our Solo Pets They are Still Required to be Up to Date on Their Vaccines. If We Cannot Pair Your Loved One with One of Our Sitters We Can Offer an Alternative Service Such as House Sitting or Dog Walking/ Visits if you are Located in One of Our Service Areas.
  • Do You Cats Board with Other Feline Friends?
    As We All Know Cats Can be Selective Creatures and Do Not Like Change. So the Safety of Our Feline Friends and Other Pets We Do NOT Board Cats with Other Pets from Other Households. Your Kitty(s) Will be the Only Pets Under Our Roof! We Do Recommend Our Felines Stay at Their Home for At-Home Services so They Don't Experience Too Much Change.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    ASAP, we have a limited amount of sitters. It is first come first serve for appointments.
  • How can I reach you to check in on my pet?
    Through the Time to Pet Portal, but we do send you reports everyday.
  • Will my pet be around other pets?
    Will my pet be around other pets?No, your pets will be taken care of in their own environment No, your pets will be taken care of in their own environment.
  • What is your protocol in the case of an emergency?
    If a medical emergency arises, we will contact your, or your emergency contact and take pet to the nearest emergency vet. (See terms & Conditions to add non responsibility clause)
  • Will you be the one handling my pet when I’m away?
    There is a team of workers that will handle your pet!
  • What services are included in the price? What is not included?
    Your pet will arrive between 6-8pm and stay for 12 hours after arrival. We do 1 mid day check in. If you choose to have more than one visit, additional charges apply. Bring in mail, packages, we will clean up after your pet. We will clean up after ourselves at the end of the stay.
  • What qualifications do you have?
    All sitters are put through a background check.
  • What is Your Grooming Six Paw Check?
    This Answer is Coming Soon!
  • How much will my dog’s grooming cost? (Are there hidden fees?)
    Grooming rates vary depending on the breed, size and coat condition of your pet. All grooming prices are listed in our services.
  • How will my dog be housed?
    If your dog is dog friendly they can hang out with the other dogs, but you must pick up your dog within the time limit provided to you or you will be charged a daycare fee. If your dog is not friendly they will be crated until you arrival.
  • Do you have experience with my dog’s breed?
    We have experience with all breeds of dogs!
  • May I stay and watch while you groom my dog?
    Not during this time.
  • Besides brushing, shampoo and haircut, what services do you provide?
    Nails, and Full grooming services.
  • Do You Groom Cats?
    We Do Groom Cats! Unfournately, At This Time We Are Only Offering Bathing, Nail Clipping, Teeth Cleaning and Hair Brushing. We Are Currently Not Offering Hair Cuts for Our Feline Friends. Services Can Be Dependent on Animal's Temperment. All Services May Not Be Completed and Owner's Will Be Charged for Attempted Grooming Services.
  • How far do you go?
    How far do you go? We general try and stay local but please inquire with our team about any pet care services you may need.
  • Do I need to be home when you pick up and drop off my pup?
    No, well handle it for you! Just let us know your preferred method of pick up/drop off!
  • How do I pay for appointments you're taking my pet to?
    Please talk to the location where we are bringing your pet to to see if you they have any electronic forms of payment. We can also pass along your payment to the location and send you a photo receipt.
  • Can I come along in the taxi?
    Yes, however we do charge an additional charge depending on where you and your pet are headed.
  • How do you get in if i'm not home?
    Must have 2 copies of the key or fob, or provided a lock box or door access code.
  • Can my Dog Have Luggage?
    Anything your pet may need for their journey! If its a large item please inquire with our office so we can accommodate! However, if they're coming to daycare or to do boarding we'd need any specific food & medications your dog may need. We provide beds, blankets, toys, bowls, poop bags, and all other doggy essential needs! If your pet has any type of allergies and needs a specific diet, please provide any treats they are allowed to have.
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